windmill physio owner, Laura Mills, physical therapist, Laura MillsFree Consultation

Free in person 15 minute consultation to see if Windmill Physio is the right place for you: Can I help you to be pain free again? Can I help you to manage your body’s unique challenges? Let’s Talk!

scapular mobilization, physical therapy, stevenson WA, Laura MillsExamination

I’ll evaluate your musculoskeletal system to find the source of your pain. You will leave with an understanding of the challenges your body is facing and helpful strategies to use at home. 75 minute session – $150

hip anterior inferior mobilization, physical therapist, Laura MillsFollow Up Sessions

With therapeutic exercise, strength training, and hands-on manual therapy we will address your injuries and limitations with a focus on understanding the root cause and a plan in place to improve! 55 minute session – $120

Therapeutic Exercise & Wellness Sessions

TRX rows, physical therapist, stevenson WA, Laura Mills, PT

Find out how to get sore muscles without flaring up those pesky old injuries. You will get a thorough health history and past injury screen followed by individualized therapeutic exercise instruction. A write up will follow your session that you can use at home or in the gym. Build your workout with the guidance of a trained PT! 70 minute initial and 55 minute follow up – $120

Interval Based Exercise Class

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