Are you avoiding some of your favorite things in life because your body isn’t able to keep up?

I’m your clinical detective; your body’s mechanic; I ask questions; I listen to answers.  Through my physical therapy clinical analysis, I find the culprit that’s causing your pain and help you understand and restore your body’s power. Ultimately, I will give you the tools to live a pain free life so that you can enjoy all that the beautiful Columbia River Gorge has to offer!

Columbia River East Point in Stevenson

I’ve been solving Physical Therapy cases for over a decade now and getting you back to what you love is my number one goal. Detailed clinical analysis, precise treatment, intelligent exercise prescription and the right challenge at the right time is what I’m good at. I have opened Windmill Physio to help individuals build their health and wellness. Whether it’s through intense group exercise classes, or traditional clinical sessions, Windmill Physio seeks to create a holistic program to keep your body doing what you love.

Windmill Physio is partnering with Skamania Acupuncture to offer these services on the Stevenson waterfront.  I am operating on an out-of-pocket pay model accepting cash, check, and credit cards.  By doing this, I will fill the gap for those individuals that want to focus on wellness and prevention, individuals with high deductibles, those who have exceeded their annual physical therapy benefits, or those who are just tired of playing the insurance game.  Some clients could be paying more for physical therapy services with high copays, deductible and co-insurances than they could at Windmill Physio. No referral is needed for services.

Do you have questions? Perfect! Windmill Physio has answers.

Call for a Free 15 minute consultation. Let me know how I can help.